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Program guide
Mixed calculation 2 & 1 digit
Double digit addition(3)
Subtraction using 10 & 5
Double digit subtraction(4)
Friend number of addition for 5
Addition : Complementary numbers for 10
Can learn abacus not boring with multimedia, graphics, subtitles, the motion of the character.
Can calculate arithmetic operation easily and fun through the decomposition and combination of number.
Adds a number and factor of an abacus to the animation of friends anthropomorphic abacus bead, stimulates curiosity and interest and approaches to learning with fun without resistance.
Adds interest in math with animated storytelling.
In parables and examples related to the number, it improves greatly mental arithmetic skills, calculation ability, logicality and thinking skills.
The best means for learning the scientific understanding of mathematical concepts can be utilized for the abacus.
Goal progress
Lesson 1, 2, 3
Level 1 : Adding and subtracting from 1 to 9
Level 2 : 1 digit addition using 5, 10
Level 3 : 1 digit subtraction using 5,10
Level 4 : 1 digit addition and subtraction
Level 5 : 2 digits addition and subtraction
Level 6 : 3 digit plus 2 digit numbers
Level 7 : 3 digit minus 2 digit numbers
Level 8 : 3 digit addition and subtraction