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Website Terms

Hiabacus Terms

Chapter 1  General Provisions


Article 1  (Purpose)

These terms and conditions Hiabacus (the 'Company' hereinafter) and the use of customer('member' referred) subscription conditions and company matters relating to the conditions and procedures for the use of learning services and other necessary and to define the locations for the purpose.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

1. The definitions of terms used in this application agreement is as follows.

① Customers(members) means refers to the users of the services provided  by the Company receives from the Member ID.

② Identity(ID) means the use of customers(members) use customer identifier(Member) using a combination of letters and numbers selected by the customer and the company is authorized to use the service of.

③ Password(password) shall mean the use of customers(members) a combination of two sets of letters and numbers used for customer identification and password.

④ Online service shall mean the online courses, and other relevant information are available on the web site.

⑤ Administrator shall mean a person appointed in the company to the overall management and operation of online services.

⑥ Termination shall mean that the company or member cancels the membership contract.


2. Definitions of terms used in this agreement other than the one paragraph on trade practices and related laws follow.

Article 3 (Effects and changes in the Terms and Conditions)]

1. This agreement will be effective by posting on the web site or Hiabacus notify customers using other methods.

2. The company can change the contents of this agreement without prior notice if there are reasonable grounds to be generated, and the contents of the changed Terms and Conditions in effect is caused by a known method such as (1).

3. If you agree to these terms, do not make announcements about changes to the Terms and Conditions of the customer caused damage no know information about the change terms and conditions shall not be liable for the company.

4. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of membership are changed to request a membership withdrawal(revocation), and you agree to the changed in the terms and conditions when using the service continued even after the entry into force of the revised terms.

Article 4 (Statement of Conditions)

Follow the relevant laws and other related laws and regulations with respect to requirements not specified in this agreement,

Chapter 2    Use Contract Services


Article 5 (The establishment of a service contract)

1. The service contract is established by the company to use application for approval of the user.

2. Sign up for membership customers wishing to use the service are required to provide personal information requested by the company.

3. The company does not consent with respect to use application if the following terms of each.

① To the name of my application, not apply if in the borrowed names and by another person's identity theft

② If you listed the contents of the membership application to be false

③ If you violate the relevant laws and information that may impair the well-being of society and order or public morals.

4. If the company has experience any of the following reasons, can be used to withhold approval until the reason is resolved, you notice this on your website.

① If you run out of capacity services

② If due to a technical cause difficulty in performing tasks

③ If necessary, of other companies due to the limitation of space

Article 6 (Application for membership)

1. Users that wish to become a member to use the service, you can thave yourself or guardian to the terms and conditions described after the registration form to subscribe.

2. User who wish to sign up for membership to use the service application must be written personally identifiable information in a manner specified by the company.

3. Younger than 14 years old(inactivity, including a civil action) if the subcontractor is a person with parental rights should apply for membership to get the consent of (parents and legal representative)

Article 7 (Membership application approval)

1. Member approval of the subscription application will be members of the company can give to the applicant Member ID and access to advice services by using the service started.

2. The company then if each heading can be used to limit the acceptance of applications or may not accept the reservations accepted.

① If you did not apply in his own name

② If you apply by filling in the membership application with false information

③ If you apply to a violation of the social order or peace purpose of inhibiting the breeze or order and customs related laws.

④ If you apply and rent another person's identity theft by

⑤ If other companies are determined using an incomplete application requirements

Article 8 (Sign up change)

1. Members can view their personal information at any time through a personal information management system and modify

2. Members can modify if you want to change the items mentioned when registering for membership are responsible for the problems caused by not modify membership information.


Chapter 3  Purchase and use applications and provide services

Article 9  (Information on Purpose request)

1. Those who wish to purchase the company offers the goods that must be applied by applying the purchase method provided in the application 'company' and 'company' as the user's purchase application must provide the following information.

① Search and selection of the goods

② Purchase the applicant's name, enter the e-mail address, etc.

③ Terms of information, a check mark for that information relating to the cost of cancellation, services, products, shipping, etc.

④ Show that your agreement to these terms and ensure the appplication of on purchased goods agreement

⑤ The choice of payment method


Article 10 (Supply of goods purchased)

1. Pay goods and services proided by the company are as follows:

①  Video lectures and related materials 'Company' published

② Other various educational information services

Article 11 (Service use time and availability)

1. Service is, in principle, one must work 24 hours a day operating without other special circumstances, such as professional engineers problems of the company.

2. The Company may determine the hours of availability of some services separately. In this case, a notice through the services.

3. The service life of the product is 2 month.

Article 12 (Method of payment for the purchase price)

1. All services, except for paid goods purchased from the Company are provided to members free of charge.

2. Payment methods for goods or services purchased by the Company are as follow:

① Bank Transfer

② Cards and credit cards

③ Payment by electronic money


Chapter 4  Cancellation and Restriction

Article 13 (Cancellation, etc)

1. It signed a contract on the purchase of goods, such as companies amd users within 3 days from the date of receipt of the notice may withdraw the offer.

2. If the user receives the goods and then shipped if each call can not be a return or exchange.

① Due to reasons of the user if the goods were lost or damaged(except the case of damaged packaging, etc. In order to confirm the contents of goods, the offer can be withdrawn)

② If significantly decreases the value of goods by the users or part of spending back

③ If the value of the product decreases considerably, such as by the lapse of time, so it is difficult to resell

④ The user will not be able to return after the period specified in Article 13(1)

Article 14 (The effects of such cancellation)

1. If the 'Company' receives the returned goods, refund the price of the goods from the user group, such as receiving payment within 7 days. However, if the user to the Company must pay cash refund it will be delayed and the delay prescribed by the Fair Trade Commission is calculated by applying the rate of interest on the delay notice a delay period.

2. 'Company' stops billing for items such as causing the user when the payments of goods such as payment means, such as credit card or electronic money provides a relevant payment means operators in as a refund of the Article 14 paragraph 1 price ever ask or canceled.

3. Return shipping cost, such as cost of goods required to receiver supplies if the cancellation is the user's responsibility.


Article 15 (Damages and other matters)

1. 'The Company' does not take responsibility for the failure of serives due to reasons attributable to the member.

2. 'The Company' is not liable for information about membership materials posted on the service reliability of the facts and the accuracy.

3. If the dispute be brought into service for the user's company is headqurtered resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction.


Article 16 (Duty of Company)

1. 'The Company' is committed to continuously provide stable service.

2. The Company with the principle that no leakage, distributed to members of the third party personal information without their consent. However, if applicable, the following points must exceptions.

① If by the law, including regulations on telecommunications basic law that requires state agencies.

② If there is a requiest from the information Communication Ethics Committee investigation purposes or for the sins.

③ If other laws and regulations that are in accordance with the requirements prescribed procedures.

Article 17  (Members obligations)

1. Members Service Credits you(ID access rights, and program passes one) or any other use of the transfer status of the contract to someone else, you can not gift you can not offer them as collateral, if it finds that the transfer in fact to others, access rights loss and it may result in liability for damages.

2. This program is personal self-learning, learning that can be sold for program paid or free of academy after purchasing products improve or private room in a private tutoring to others for learning purposes you can't use.

3. Members must comply with the company to use the services and notifications when relevant laws, use and care guide details the provisions of the agreement and must not interfere with the activity of the company business.

4. All management is responsible for a username or password to members. Members must take the responsibility to respect all the problems caused by neglect or misconduct ID and password.

5. Members must comply with the notice published by the Company service or use restrictions.

6. Members are not able to do business using the services without prior approval of the Company may claim damages for this.

7. Members can not be used in connection with services the following acts.

① The act of fraudulently using the identity of another member

② Duplicate the information obtained from the use of services other than members without prior approval of the Company purposes or uses such as publishing and broadcasting, or the act of providing to a third party.

③ The Company's copyright, infringe a third party's copyright and other rights.

④ Actions to disseminate information, text, shapes, etc. of the contents that violate public order and breezy others.

⑤ Coupled with criminal acts that objectively judge

⑥ Other actions that violate laws and regulations

Article 18 (Compensation for damage)

1. The Company is not responsible for any losses incurred by members in connection with the services to be provided free of charge.

2. If the member has done damage to the Company or third parties caused by violation of the provisions of this agreement, the member who violates these terms and conditions and you may be liable for damages caused to the Company and third parties.

Article 19 (Disclaimer)

1. If the Company is unable to provide service due to natural disasters or uncontrollable factors it is exempt from responsibility for service delivery.

2. The Company does not take responsibility for the failure of services due to reasons attributable to the Member.

3. The company members of the information posted on the services, materials, reliability of fact, the Company is not responsible for the accuracy.

4. The Company shall not be liable for damages caused by negligence and mistakes of the members in connection with the services.


Article 20 (Termination of the contract)

1. Agreement may withdraw from the date of delivery of goods from a contract within three days or three days.

2. If we let the paid services complement the company and can not be modified within one month from the date of supply on a fee-for-service

3. If you are using a paid service members leave or terminate the membership  fee service contract does not agree to change the terms, membership intentions will come into force when at a company by phone and email services.

4. The Company after receiving the intention of the agreement canceled, revoked the membership appears to reply to Members of this fact without delay.


Article 21 (Refund policy on legislation)

-'The law on the establishment and operation of academies and private lessons' Article 18, paragraph 2 No.1, No 2, No 3 was based on the post please refer to the following standards for the return of such lessons.

① The Company applied the following principle refunds for regulations such as online courses.


One reason for the return occurs

Return Amount

Teaching institute's suspension, voluntarily closing, deregistration, etc.

Teaching can not or teaching day be unable to provide a place

Including the prorated for the mount already paid lesson fee

If members abandoned the course depending on one's own intention

If the teaching period of less than one month

Before starting lessons

Before for the full lessons already paid

Before 1/3 of total teaching time elapsed

 Amount equivalent to 2/3 of the lessons already paid

Before 1/2 of total teaching time elapsed총

Amount equivalent to 1/2 the lessons already paid

After 1/2 of total teaching time elapsed

No return

When the teaching period exceeding one month

Before starting lessons

Total amount for the full lesson already paid

After starting lessons

The reason for the return occurred, including the target return lesson fee of the month(If refers to the amount calculated in accordance with the standards of the teaching period if less than one month)and the amount of summing the total amount of such lessons fee the rest of the month

* Remarks
1. Total teaching hours refers to the total tuition hours of instruction time, the amount of return calculation is based on the teaching time elapsed until the day occurred the reason for the return.

2. If the return of the remote teaching

Amount shall be the mount obtained by subtracting the amount corresponding to the actual tasking part of the teaching contents(it refers to a course over the internet or save it as a learning device)

② If members wish to be refunded, the Member shall indicate one's intention to the Company through the company's web site,  the Company receives refund request and after checking the refund policy and request a refund of the membership and refunds lesson fee within 5 business days. However, liability and other areas of the company such as paralysis of computerized financial institutions could be delayed by external circumstances, in the case of such a delay the company is not responsible.



1. The amount returned will be the amount obtained by subtracting the amount corresponding to the actual taking part of the teaching contents(it refers to a course over the internet or save it as a learner)

2. If the consumer is not possible cancellation

① If including the fact that for the non-cancellation of the content to display ideas

② If you provide a product trial

③ Using temporary or part

④ The Company has provided a 'trial product' applies here, such as 'guide book', 'sample lesson'.


3. If the Company is unable to continue services to unavoidable circumstances we will refund quickly as possible after his notification to members.

4. If the failure time, such as using more than one day to reasons attribute to the company to stop and fail or stop use exceeds 48 hours to pay the extended three times the usage period of use to stop or downtime, or use cash equivalent.

5. Using disability period of the preceding paragraph, the total number of services on the use day when it exceeds 1/2 of the total use of Recurrence company will refund the course fee in full to members.

6. If the inspection and maintenance services for the improvement, the Company will notice on the website within a reasonable time. In this case the Company is not responsible for any troubles.

Article 22  (Termination and Limitation)

1. If a member wishes to terminate the contract, the termination will be made in accordance with the provisions of the 'Termination of contract'.

2. The Company may terminate the membership without notice or limited period of time when the acts corresponding to the following.

① If you steal someone else's services ID and password

② If the order of the service system, or to interfere with the operating

③ If you subscribe name other than his name

④ If the same suer ID with a different one double

⑤ If that inhibit the dissemination of information that public order and deliberately breeze

⑥ if it involved in a criminal act

⑦ If you damage another person's honor or to penalize

⑧ If you hack the service of the Company, or to change part or all of a website or published information randomly

⑨ If other laws or the Company violates the terms and conditions set forth

Article 23 (Competent court)

If the dispute be brought about in the services, it ever resolved by the courts of the jurisdiction of the Company.

Schedule(Effective Date)

These Terms and Conditions will be effective from July 1, 2016.

Privacy Policy

Information collected using personal information

Hiabacus is (the 'Company'), and look for your privacy, and compliance with the law on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

The Company is doing you provide personal information being used for any purpose and manner throughout the Privacy Policy, privacy please note that no action has been taken for protection.

If the Company has revised its privacy policy will be announced through the website notice(or individual notice).


ο This policy: will be effective from July 1, 2016.


Personal information collected items

Company collects the following personal information for the register, including Application Services.

Collect items: name, birth year, email, country, ID, password, payment history

Personal information collection method: website(subscription)

Collection and use of personal information object

Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

Settlement price of the contract relating to services and service delivery

Content providers, purchasing and billing charges.

Member management

Identification in accordance with the subscription service, personal identification, poor members of the illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention, affiliate to see intention, age verification, delivery notices

Providing education information

Education-related information provided by the delivery company

Used in marketing and advertising

Events such as the advertising information transmission, statistics on the use of the service, or access frequently identified members

Personal information retention and availability

As s rule, after the collection and use of personal information will be distroyed without delay to achieve the purpose for the information.

If you need to, however, it preserved in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations the company must keep membership information for a period of time determined by the relevant laws and regulations as follow.

Conservation Topic: billing records, contract records

Preserving evidence: Contract or subscription withdrawal

Preservation period: 3 years

Records of such contract or cancellation: 5 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

Records of payments and supply of goods: 5 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

I agree with the Terms and Conditions.